Gloves – x1 pc

the Circulution massage gloves connect to your TENS device

The Gloves  have woven conductive fibers for entire hand and wrist.

they provide pain relief from hand and wrist ailments.

They also help increase blood circulation and provide muscle stimulation.

These one-size fits all gloves are light-weight, comfortable, and have a unique stretchable material.

They have a large conductive area, which provides even current distribution, compression, support, and improved mobility.

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Hand pain can be caused by disease or injury affecting any of the structures in the hand, including the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, blood vessels, or connective tissues. Hand pain is one feature of joint inflammation (arthritis) that may be felt in the hand.

Repetitive motion injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, can cause pain in the wrist and hand. Tumors of the structures in the hand are a very rare cause of hand or finger pain. Certain conditions such as diabetes can cause damage to the nerves, resulting in pain, numbness, or tingling of the arms.

Circulution Gloves can help reducing the pain and clean inflammation.

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